List of products by brand FENDI

Fendi is one of the most recognizable labels in the industry. Fashionable women and men everywhere are choosing to sport Fendi’s latest designs. Established in 1925 by Eduardo and Adele Fendi, the label started as a small leather goods store in Rome and has evolved into one of the largest designer luxury goods companies in the world. In 1965, popular designer, Karl Lagerfeld joined the Fendi team. He left Fendi with a creative image that has led to much of the success surrounding the label. Karl Lagerfeld provided Fendi with the creative abilities they needed to establish their name in the industry. Since Karl left, Fendi has continued to dominate the fashion world and has become one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. Today, Fendi has become an international success story, employing over 380 workers in over 100 boutiques around the world.Since the original design in 1965, Fendi has been known for their "FF" logo, featured on many of their products. Fendi’s authenticity is shown through their trademark "FF" logo. Fendi designs exude elegance and sophistication and are perfect for professional individuals looking for a classy wardrobe. Their designs are meant to complement individuals of all shapes and sizes and are extremely comfortable to wear. Fendi’s styles are cute and classy and perfect for all differing body types of women and men. Their feminine designs accentuate the body in all the right places, leaving you feeling confident and sexy. Looking to enhance your overall appearance? Consider some of Fendi’s latest designs.