List of products by brand GUCCI

Gucci is one of the most wanted in the fashion industry. From Los Angeles to Paris, the Gucci label is lighting up the runway and becoming the single most respected label in the world. From their incredible handbag designs to their super sexy floor length gowns, Gucci is offering an elusive mix of casual styles and runway chic designs for men and women all over the world. Originally founded in 1921, Gucci has successfully provided consumers with leading, high quality designer goods, unlike any other designer in the business. Over the years, the label has obtained insurmountable levels of success with each new collection released. Within the last decade, Gucci has expanded the label significantly. Gucci’s signature style can be described in two words - unbelievably sexy. Their designs show a true transformation from youthful pretty to grown-up sexy. Their sultry designs are perfect for an elegant dinner and maybe even some dancing. Most of their designs are simple with a touch of detailing (like a slit in the skirt or a cross stitching design in the front of a sweater) to make them truly unique. Most designs feature their "G" logo which has become synonymous with high class style. Gucci designs have been worn on runways and red carpets all over the world. Gucci’s publicity can be attributed to international celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry who have chosen Gucci designs on more than one occasion.