List of products by brand HERNO

Herno is a fashion company that was founded in 1948, is the founder Giuseppe Marenzi and is dedicated to the production of sportwear is that of outerwear such as down jackets and trench coat against the rain but very refined, the target is men, women and children. The brand name is due to Erno River, which flows into Lake Maggiore, the H at the beginning of the word is to emphasize the importance of this element ( H2O ) for the fashion house. Today Herno not only creates collections with a refined taste and tailoring but is also involved in producing some garments for major fashion houses such as Prada and Louis Vuitton. Fashiontamers outlet clothing online offers Herno clothing at discount prices. In our outlet Herno find products with prices coming down up to 80% from the boutique price. Herno clothing outlet online only for you on