List of products by brand MIU MIU

Miu Miu, often referred to as "Prada’s little sister", is a more affordable way to incorporate a piece of Prada into your wardrobe. Prada, established in 1913, has become one of the largest fashion houses the world has ever seen. It wasn’t until 1978, that Miuccia Prada gained control of the Prada label. In 1992, Miuccia decided to launch Miu Miu, which became an immediate success with the public. Generally, Miu Miu is known for their association with Prada and so most people assume the lines are similar. Miu Miu is not only less expensive than Prada but the line also unveils a different image. The label strives to maintain similar elements to the Prada collection, but this line is edgier and funkier than Prada. Miu Miu designs are more likely to be seen at parties and clubs whereas. Miu Miu has a very recognizable signature style. An inimitable mix of cutting-edge designs and funky styles, Miu Miu has successfully incorporated a number of today’s hottest trends into their collection. Daring patterns, frayed shirts and pants and silky summer dresses are prominent pieces in their collection. Risqué, see-through lace designs are also popular in the collection and when it comes to Miu Miu skirts, shorter means better. Feminine with a twist of "punk" style, Miu Miu designs are perfect for those looking to spice up their style while adding a piece of designer clothing into their wardrobe.