List of products by brand PRADA

The whole world identifies with this elegant lady the Prada lines. In reality, the Prada brand has very ancient origins. To find them we must go back to 1913, when Mr. Mario Prada, who created bags, trunks and leather accessories with his brother Martino, opened the first leather shop in Milan. The Brothers Prada, this is the name on the sign of the activity, are very successful, and in 1919 become the official suppliers of the Real Casa It will take many decades and two generations before Prada becomes synonymous with elegance and feminine fashion, a minimal chic label that the whole world knows. The merit? Of the niece Miuccia. The recent and winning history of the brand began in 1988 when Miuccia designed the first Prada woman collection. Miu Miu arrives in 1993, for the young bourgeois who do not like the ostentatious noise of fashion. In the same year Prada also wears the men's universe with the men's collection. In 1997 Prada Sport is synonymous with casual and technical clothing to be worn indifferently in the snow, in the countryside or for walks in the city In 1994 he received the CFDA International Award in New York as best designer But for fashion lovers, Prada has always been more and more the elegant brand, vaguely minimal for him and for her that makes every season delicate and precious, which fascinates the trendy young woman and the elegant and sober lady. Some of the products made by the brand are sought after by all fashion lovers, just think that buying Prada handbags at discounted prices is one of the main reasons for which many women choose to make their purchases online.